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Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
Ok maybe I should clearify I am 6 ft 1 inch tall and 270 lbs I have a 50 inch chest and a 19 inch neck and a pumpkin for a head LOL !
I don't exactly fit into the footwell and I am not removing my drivers seat to do this. I can't get my hand through the fuse door to see or feel the back of the blank. So what are my options and pry what clips which way from the back the front left right up down?????

Any help would be appreciated. My final option would be to simply use a dremal and cut out a rectangle opening into the blank to sit a blue glow rocker switch into the blank. I have the wiring ready to go.

Sorry it just gets frusterating when these tiny little 165 lb guys are like you just do this and this its easy. It is if you can fit into the work space or can actually squeeze your head into a tight spot to see which clips need to come off etc.
I almost fit that category... 5'7" and 170, lol.

The easiest way to get back behind the fuse door is by removing both screws from the bottom of the knee panel, down near the OBDII port and the center console. That will enable you to move it, then very carefully start prying the panel downwards starting where the climate thermostat thing is next to the steering column, near the ignition. Be careful of the knee airbag, it's stationary so don't try removing it. Make your way over to the door and it will eventually come off, just held in by a few clips. Hope that helps.
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