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Thumbs down DIY Service on Aftermarket warranty

Hi All,

I own a 09 RA with 96,000km. I'm due for the ever dredded and expensive Type D service very shortly. I also purchased the car with an aftermarket warranty since it was already off the manufactures warranty when I purchased it. Currently I'm on warranty until 122,000km and my odometer is currently 96,000km. I'm wondering if I change out the SST fluid and tranny fluid myself with the FFL-2 for TTSC/Tranny do you think I would have any issues putting in a warranty claim in the future given I'm running on aftermarket fluids? Also any recommendations from anyone who's dealt with dealerships in the past for service as to what you would recommend DIYing and what you would take to the dealership for service.

Appreciate the wisdom and feedback,

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I also should add that I had my ACD pump replaced in November under warranty from the dealership. By January I have had the acd indicator come back and stay on permanently since, I am unable to switch between ACD modes and am due for the Type D service. Looking to service my vehicle as cost effectively as possible, while still maintaining ample records/receipts/bill of sales for the DIY servicing on my vechile incase I have to put in another warranty claim to have the acd pump fixed/replaced which i will have to do soon. Would you recommend I bite the bullet and pay for the dealership to do my type d, sst, transmission, serpatine belt etc, or do most if not all of it myself and take the risk on them calling me on it when I take it in for service on the ACD pump. As I'm sure you can imagine this is a delicate situation and anyone's experience,wisdom and feedback on the claiming process through both the dealership/aftermarket warranty company is very much appreciated. I'm trying to figure out the best route to go about this.

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