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Default Anyone installed a PAC-SWI with their aftermarket stereo?

I need some assistance that PAC-Audio cant seem to help me with... I have everything wired in according to the PAC website, but of course, it wont work.

Has anyone else installed a PAC-SWI controller? What wires did you use in the OEM harness?
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Single wire to hook up (apart from power & ground). Is a wire running into the harness that has the wires for power, acc on + speakers etc.

Been a while but I think it is blue & white? I just cut in before the OEM harness and spliced the PAC wire in. Failing that you could use a connector to plug into the harness

If you are using a scosche MI02B harness or something similar (why wouldn't you, simple & clean) then it is a wire leading in that the MI02B does NOT use

Confused? - hope not

Just checked a pic. Wire is navy with silver bands just next to or above orange wire. Can post a pic morrow if you need one

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Also check its running the correct version!
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