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Default HOW TO: ADD SCREEN behind Grille

i guess we r only allowed 4 images per post here???
i have a whole HOW TO on

I have way too many pictures to try and part it out. lol sorry. if your a member here is the link:

if you cant view it because your not a member, sign up! lol REMEMBER put me(pogiboiuno) as the person who reffered you!

Final product will look like this bottom grille. Its to help protect the Intercooler. havent had the time to do it to the top one but i will soon.
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does'nt that have some negative effect on airflow?
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i dont think so. but i dont know. lol i put it on to block debris on the road from damaging the intercooler.
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In my opinion, the screen mesh is a little small. It's not that I think that it would affect airflow, but I'm not sure how much good it will do protecting the IC. It might be useful as a bug screen, but I'd have to imagine that it is a bear to clean.

I would think it is more effective to use a larger gauge wire screen (probably 1/4 inch openings) to guard against rocks and debris that might actually break through the smaller screen and damage the IC/radiator.
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Living in New Jersey,, I wouldn't put that on.. We get snow around here, and if it packs up on that screen, the IC won't get any airflow. That would probably do better on the west coast or Florida with all the bugs that would get caught in the IC.... Good idea though..
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