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Default P1875 torque damper speed sensor poor performance

After my car hit the 40K mile mark I honestly thought the day would never come, I thought I was clear from any Transmission trouble. Then Bam! 5 1/2 years of ownership, 58,870 miles of babying my car later, trouble code P1875. It's for a Torque damper sensor buried deep inside the Tranny inaccessible from the outside.

I did my research and all fingers point to 2 shops
Jacks Transmissions in Colorado and
Kozmic Motorsports in Texas

After reaching out Jack this is what he concluded:
Torque Damper Speed Sensor: $500.00
Rebuild w/500hp clutch packs: $3,000 plus shipping (estimated $500-$550 from Los Angeles CA)
Road Race Engineering: Tranny removal and install $800.00
Grand Total: $4,800.00 Not counting Taxes or any funny business

The quote from Eric at Kozmic was cheaper by like $1,000
But after reading of Jackal's tranny failure after Kozmics rebuild, I feel discouraged sending it to him. (unless any of you can share your experience)

This is not including cost of a Mechatronic unit replacement: $2,200.00
or the cost of the torque damper replacement: $1,600.00, if any of these happen to be faulty...

My car is under mileage for the 60,000 mile power train warranty from Mitsubishi, but it is over the 5 year period by 6 months. Will they cover it? Who knows? knowing Mitsu's reputation on warranty work... doesn't seem likely, but who knows I'll be optimistic.

I took the car to Rigo at Cerritos Mitsubishi here in SoCal, he said he would contact Mitsu to see if they can replace the tranny under warranty.

I'll keep you guys updated with the outcome. In the meantime I would like to know:

Have any of you experience this code?
If so what was your solution?
Have you had work done by Kozmic Motorsports?
Have you had work done by Jack Transmissions?
How was your experience, how much out of pocket?

I tried trouble shooting thinking it could be an electrical fault, but I don't have an after market sound system and I tried swapping batteries, even checking for loose connections, but nothing.

Any additional info you guys can chime in would be great.

Oh! and if for any reason anyone is still looking to buy a Ralliart, get an extended warranty through a reputable company. $2,000 on a warranty sure beats $5,000 for a rebuild or a $14,000 replacement.

I mean unless you're a Big Baller, then kudos to you
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Hi there, any updates on this?
If you got this fixed, how and where you brought it for repairs?
Cost of repair?
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Probably the damper sensor has failed.
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