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Default Hot Climate Mods

I live in Florida where at least 6 months out of the year, temperatures reach at least 90 degrees daily. I'm not a gearhead by any means, but I love my 2009 Ralliart, and I want to keep it in good condition. I use it as my primary car and do not race it (nor ever plan to).

I came across one of the stickies that explained how to replace the stock intercooler with that of an Evo X, and that got me thinking that since I live in a hot climate, there may be mods I can do to as a preventative measure against brutally hot conditions. Would this help my car last longer or need repairs less often?

I also see a lot of references to SoCal. Does the legal status of this mod vary from state to state? Where would I find what is legal for Florida?

Any other recommendations for prolonged hot weather?

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Larger intercooler, larger oil cooler, larger trans fluid cooler, not sure what else can cool the engine, but thats a good start..

And yeah, california kind of sets the smog standard for lots of other states, but im sure theres variations of whats needed to pass smog in each state..
Ralliart/EVO rear fender rolls and tab grinding $100, guaranteed fitment(when possible, you should always do the fitment research first)

minimal partial rolls $60(no tab grinding)

So cal fender roller rental $10 per day(3 day min) with $200 cash deposit. Includes Eastwood fender roller, heat gun and heavyweight carry bag.
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Actually, Florida did away with emissions testing 10 or 15 years ago, so I don't think it matters a whole lot, but it sounds like keeping things as cool as I reasonably can would prolong the life of the systems I'm cooling.

Is there anything else besides cooling that can be done to counteract hot weather?

Also, pretty sure I should have posted this in "Tech Talk and Power Mods." Sorry about that.

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I live in S. Florida. The only "cooling" upgrade i have so far is a UR intercooler, everything else is just your standard bolt on stuff. I still run the stock SST cooler, though im not going to lie in traffic it does get a little jerky when it's blazing hot out. Look into upgrading the SST cooler you won't regret it, this will be the next thing i do to mine this winter. Other than that i have never had any issues with the car running too hot even sitting in bumper to bumper downtown Miami traffic.
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