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Smile .

Im sorry for being a smart azz but I really hope everyone already knew what a phillips head screwdriver looked like. +

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I was taught when explaining something, not to assume everybody has the same understanding/knowledge. A bit of humor always make learning easier.
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what i do i after pulling the black "frame" i just stick my hand in around back and undo the bulb, and swap the bulb out. no need to remove any more than 1 screw (per side)
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Originally Posted by MTZL View Post
I guess I can do that. Im planning on getting brighter whiter/bluer headlights.
I will do "how to:" as soon as I can.
Any chance you will be posting the "how to " as in How to change the DRL bulbs any time soon? It's not that I need it, but would like something I can link to so that other people that come to me can be given.
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Thumbs up Thank you

I am so glad to have seen this. You did a great job with the walk through. My bulb was just killed by a rock. Anyone know where I can get the glass replaced without having to go through Mitsu?
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i think you need a new foglight for that. i dont think you can replace just the lens alone.
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