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Default Rallys=cool

i really miss the WRC on the former speedvision now nasgarbage TV, i remember when tommy mac was killin everyone, besides a great car you need big NUTS to push those cars on those roads when a miscue can send you over the edge down the mountain and end everything, sweedish rally my fav! skinny studded tires on snow + ice at 90 mph!!! that really shows what type of tires work in snow + ice, they had a segment on tires and said deeper snow = skinnier tires, ice requires a slightly wider tyre but still skinny and both with aggressive studs thats the BEST racing to watch!!!
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Yep. those tires are expensive!!!
Metal studs. let the sparks fly.

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Awesome video! Thanks for posting.
Instagram #Evosoulralliart 1/4 mile @ 12.7 seconds @ 104 MPH.
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Originally Posted by MTZL View Post
Yep. those tires are expensive!!!
Metal studs. let the sparks fly.

I've never seen this before. It looks like a balst!! Nice vid man.
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For rally footage, check out the following site:
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Damn...japanese r out of it...I wander what happen to subie? I know mitsu don't have cash for it...but no subies?
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