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Default SCCA Solo D-Stock

I've just started racing and have one weekend under my belt in D-Stock. I plan on keeping it stock for now, as it is waaay cheaper to be competitive. Allowed mods are few.

Shocks/Struts - Must retain stock springs
Any tire - Must retain stock wheel sizes. can go +.25" at each corner
Cat Back Exhaust
Air Filter - Must retain stock air box
Alignment and suspension tweaks are allowed with factory provided parts. No after market camber bolts.

So it's really all about smooth hands and the right alignment in D-Stock. Will have the car at a local guy to pour over the factory settings and make some 'mild' adjustments for the next event and see how they fair. I will be sure to use this thread as a log for my changes.

Side note. Using the trans in Auto/Sport mode was about 2 tenths faster for me.
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My RA qualifies, all stock until warranty is up getting there 20K+ miles... only 16k- left to go..
If I had everything going good I would be in there for Stock-Class, to learn all the advantages & disadvantages of stock setup.

I would like to see your progress...Keep posting...

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