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Default bolt pattern and offset

Im sure someone knows the bolt pattern for the Ralliart. I just keep seeing conflicting info from different sites.. oh and can someone explain offset to me? Little confused.
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So many threads on this.
what is the Ralliart's stock wheel bolt pattern? = 5 x 114.3
Offset will be determined by the rim you have on your car.

Check out this link.

The best way I can explain it would be positive (+) offset means most of your rim will be inboard or closer to the inside of the car so it can be contained within the wheel well better. ie like your stock rims.
Most of the rim width will be to the inside of the center line or mounting surface.
Negative (-) offset means that the rim has some concave so more of the rim will stick outward past the centerline or mounting surface. This is where you need to know your distance from your mounting surface outward so that you can measure to make sure you clear the wheel well opening. Typically to run negative offset you would need to roll or pull but most likely may need custom body work or flares to mount depending on offset and if your lowered, what rims etc...

Link to Ralliart fitment guide which a lot of people have contributed to so most of the specs are pretty bang on.
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Too fricken much to list. Check out my build thread

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