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Default Cobb OTS Evo X tune on Ralliart (Just to get it to tuner's shop)

Hey everyone,
I haven't been able to find my exact question by searching and since my engine is on the line I figured I would ask
(this is about as close as I could get

I just finished my Evo X swap. I have not started the car yet. I would like an OTS tune so I could lightly drive the car to the tuners shop and put a few miles on it to make sure I have no leaks, etc. I'd hate to pay extra for them to redo what I just spent so much time installing haha.

Mod list
Cobb Accessport
Cobb 3 Port
OEM Evo X turbo
18 PSI Wastegate
AMS widemouth downpipe
Generic 3" Test pipe
3" straight back to a Y then 2 straight through magnaflows
ETS Intercooler Kit

(1000cc injectors and Walbro 255 will go on at the shop before the tune, installation was cheaper than the tow I would surely need after installing those)

Would I be better off running one of the Cobb X OTS maps that generally account for my mods or just keeping my stage 2 Cobb ralliart map?

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I would steer away from OTS maps and get a custom tune.
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Of course. What I'm asking is what is the best option as far as off-the-shelf tune goes for being able to drive the car a couple miles before I go and get it tuned. I want to make sure that all the work was done correctly and that there are no leaks.
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When he installed my upgraded turbo, my tuner just bypassed it altogether (not sure exactly how he connected the vacuum lines to do that), so there wouldn't be any boost until I get the car to the dyno.
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You should be fine driving it, just don't step on the gas pedal too hard. I drove my car 200 miles to get it tuned. It didn't go boom on me.
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