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Default Fog light mod

does anyone know a mod that allows you to turn on the fog lights without turning on the headlights, or having only the parking lights on?
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Originally Posted by djkrispy View Post
does anyone know a mod that allows you to turn on the fog lights without turning on the headlights, or having only the parking lights on?
You's just illegal in North America to run fogs without parking lights but I read you can use a fuse jumper wire and remove the factory relay for the fog lights and plug in the fuse jumper wire in it's place. Then just use a volt meter and find a 12v source when the ignition is turned on and connect the other end to that.

Update: So I did this the other day. I got the mini fuse jumper at Autozone but I'm sure you can get it at pretty much any auto parts store. Make sure you get the mini fuse jumper and not bigger standard one.

I already had my own male push connector so I used that to connect to the end of the fuse jumper.

You only need (1) 10A mini fuse even though there is 2 spots on the actual jumper. Then just put it in the spot I have in picture 4 and rout it to where the factory relay for the fog lights used to be.

Foglights will automatically turn on when the ignition is in the on position. Also when you turn the ignition to the off position the lights will automatically turn off in 10 seconds.
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I've been wanting to do the same, but don't want them on all the time
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I did this with my GTS, I just wired the headlights to the fog lights and fog lights to the headlights. They use the same bulbs. I then deleted my fogs and added some auxiliary lights in the grille haha. So I could use the auxiliary lights as my DRL's. It actually looked pretty cool
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There is a way to do it through ETACS using:
  1. Lexia cable ($80 on ebay)
  2. Etacs Decoder Software [Do not use Diagbox as it has been known to brick SST TCU's on Evo X MR and RA's ]

More info on the Mitsubishi Forums:
" Some things that work:
- TPMS disabling/enabling (Lancer X/EVO X too)
- Fog light independently to low beams
- Welcome courtesy lighting
- Auto door locking / unlocking
- Factory security system activation (for those not having it)
- All Customer options available thru MMCS (rear wiper speed, pause and mode, locking/unlocking settings, light sensor adjustment etc)
- Two stage Auto lights (twilight mode)
- 4 hours trip computer autoreset disabled
- 120+ km/h speed warning
- Remote sunroof closing
- rear fog lights activation
- DRL mode change/deactivation
- Passenger seatbelt warning mode
- Low washer fluid warning
- 0.1MHz FM radio step, CT time broadcast, instant RDS display (6CD head units only).
- Service notification deactivation

Things that (yet) do not:
- Remote windows closing
- Door autolocking once keyless transmitter is out of the car
- ECO indicator
- ESS "
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I didn't realize that Lexia/ETACS development has come a long way! Vadimus and Co even have their own forum and owner database. Thanks NeoGeo, your informative posts are always appreciated.
2011 WW RA Sportback
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