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Post Boomba Front & Rear Motor Mounts/Torque Dambers

Boomba's having a sale on their motor mounts.

The front was very easy, but the rear was the worst because of how tight the area was.
Wobble extensions,universal joints, flexible joint ratchets, and flexhead ratchets were a huge help.

I had to remove the Intake's air box to get better access from the top.

For step 8, I used a hydraulic jack to push up the engine a bit so the main bolt could slide out.

I got to step 13 and and my progress stopped. The instructions say to move the motor mount out of the way to access the top 17mm motor mount bracket bolt, but I couldn't get agood angle to put my power behind it with the universal joint.
Spent 3+ hours attempting to remove that top bolt.

I used a Dremel tool to cut the rear motor mount in half.

During step 21, I had to use the hydraulic jack again to get the motor mount and the bracket to line up I could slid the bolt through both with out and hassle.

/myexperience :P
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